The current line-up of custom tools from Kingdom Tools includes the Door Buck Spreader*, Elevator Dominator Drywall Cart, and Click’s Kwik Drill. Each product is unique to the industry offering trade professionals an alternative to time consuming and tedious jobs.

  • Elevator Dominator

    Elevator Dominator

    $ 3,750.00

    The Elevator Dominator is a specialty tool that makes moving drywall and other materials like plywood, wall partitions, etc. through a commercial building easy and fast.  Move several times the amount of material through narrow elevators and doorways with ease.  The cart swivels and is entirely adjustable to meet the needs of your materials.

  • Door Buck Spreader

    $ 72.50

    The Door Buck Spreader* is a must have tool for any drywall installer.  Eliminate the hassle of forcing wallboard behind door frames.  The Door Buck Spreader* creates enough space to easily slide wallboard behind the door frame saving time and eliminating damage.